The Dragonfly Logo

dragonfly on human hand


You might be wondering why we chose a dragonfly as an element of our logo. So let's take a moment to explore why we chose to use this particular creature in the representation of the YLX brand.

The dragonfly exists on every continent on earth except Antarctica. So we see it as a unifying symbol – one which reflects YLX's deep commitment not just to one nation or affiliation, but to the whole of planet earth and all of humanity. Care for our planet and care for humanity are central to the YLX ethos and central to all we aim to do.

The dragonfly is also a symbol of fragility – reflecting our acknowledgment of the delicate balance of our world and the need for sustainable change. These beautiful creatures have a low tolerance to pollution. We like to think that just as we chose the dragonfly, the dragonfly chose us. YLX prides itself on striving to lessen pollution and waste in all their forms. Which is, perhaps, why a dragonfly decided to alight on the logo.

People study the dragonfly as an indicator species as they delve into the environmental health of certain ecosystems. So we wish the dragonfly also to serve as a symbol of our commitment to maintain transparency. We will always monitor our sustainability efforts carefully, holding ourselves to account.

In certain cultures, the dragonfly is held to be symbolic of change. As we strive to generate positive change as a sustainable business, the dragonfly reminds us all that swift change is possible – and essential if we are to meet the challenges we face.

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