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How Did It Start?

An image, just a snapshot in time, can speak a thousand words. And a chance glance at a little girl in the streets of Yangon in 2017 set Jeroen on a journey that ultimately resulted in YLX's mission and vision. Only around 7 years old (not much older than Jeroen's son at the time), the little girl sat in the industrial zone of the city in a pile of plastic trash. Jeroen had come to Yangon looking to set up his second factory and establish a realistic price competitive business. But this single heartbreaking image brought home to him, in a way that no amount of words could do, the true cost of the world's manufacturing and the toll it takes on the planet and people. The sight was the catalyst that changed his mindset and cemented his course in prioritizing people and the planet - not profit.

Joris needed no such image to cement his course. Brought up in the French countryside, he had always been a nature lover. Traveling the world to see its wonders, he had long been aware of the issues surrounding manufacturing and waste. He has always been outraged by all the trash around us. When Jeroen and Joris met, they quickly agreed on the vision and set up YLX as an attempt to tackle the global crises we face. In love and reverence for nature, for that little girl in Yangon and all the others around the world in circumstances like her, they set out on their path to creating a truly ethical and sustainable business.

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