About YLX Gear

YLX cares - we not only care about providing a quality, affordable product, but also about our planet, and all its people. The drive for greater sustainability is central to all we do.


Our mission is to create high-quality, affordable bags that don't cost the earth - literally or metaphorically. We only have one earth - and it is under threat. If we do not move towards greater sustainability and take responsibility for our actions, more than our way of life is at threat. Our driving goal is to prove that transparency and sustainable production CAN go hand in hand with long-lasting, trendy urban design and affordable pricing.

Affordability - Satisfaction - Sustainability - Circularity - Respect
Those are the bywords of our brand.

our vision


Our vision, or dream, is that one day not only our own facility, but the manufacturing industry all over the globe will be ethical, green and truly sustainable. We dream that all people can one day live in harmony with one another, and the natural world. We'll do what we can, as one young company, to make that dream a reality.



Sustainable development should be for the many, not just the few. That is why affordability is key to the YLX brand. One key goal for the company is keeping the product affordable, and showing that sustainable manufacturing can be an economically viable and sensible choice - as well as just an ethically desirable one.



Customer satisfaction is key. Our bags are always high quality and long lasting. Those who buy them can also feel satisfaction, knowing that they are working with us to do their best for planet and people.



Sustainability means making something that will endure - not only a product but also processes and ways of operating. We are not just a brand for today. We are a brand that seeks to think about future generations.



What does around comes around. All too often, in today's world, systems are linear. Factories make, consumers buy, waste is generated. YLX tries to close the loop. We take waste, in the form of plastic bottles, and put it back into the system to make our products.



Finally, YLX is all about respect. We respect our customers, our workers and all our partners who work with us to make a better world. We respect our planet, and all the people and other creatures that call it home.

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