YLX Sustainability Goals

Here at YLX, we are committed to operating a sustainable business. The road towards true sustainability is a long and challenging one, and we know that we still have some way to go. But we are taking steps to move towards a better model for the people and planet. One step at a time, we are working towards our long-term goal – to be an exemplar of good sustainability practice, and provide a blueprint for other factories and businesses to follow.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are central to our philosophy, and working towards these goals is central to our policy and decision-making process. We aim for transparency in our operation and thinking, and to that end, we want to share with you some of our key goals:


We'll Aim To Work Towards An End To Poverty

Here at YLX we vow to continue our work towards ending poverty by keeping the working conditions and the salaries above average in our factory. We will pay a wage that allows our workers not just to live but to thrive. Through stable and continual growth, we will provide steady and reliable employment for factory workers, to help them and their families to stay out of poverty.


We'll Aim To Work Towards An End To Hunger

We understand that as a manufacturing company, we have a duty not just to our workforce but to the wider local community. We will run open canteens next to the factory that is not only open to those we employ but also for other people who live nearby. By purchasing local food, we will support local farming growth, and help to improve food security in the region.


We'll Aim To Work Towards A Healthy and Happy Workforce

We understand that our profitability depends on our workforce. We value those who work hard to create our high-quality bags and understand that we have a duty of care towards them. We aim to always keep our workers happy and healthy, and to that end, we will provide comprehensive health insurance to all our employees. There will also be a medical doctor on the factory premises, who will offer consultations free of charge.


We'll Aim To Work Towards Quality Education for Our Community

Education is crucial for the sustainability of a community, and as part of our community, we will aim to give back. As part of our community outreach programs, we will supply books and furniture to local schools. We'll also organize workshops in schools in the area to promote sustainability and sustainable development and raise awareness of our ideals and goals.


We'll Aim To Work Towards a Clean Energy Future

We are passionate about our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and move away from fossil fuels towards renewable sources of energy. We plan to install solar panels (and possibly also wind turbines) on our factory site to power our business. Our community outreach will also involve educating on clean energy infrastructure, and promoting investment in these greener technologies.


We'll Aim To Work Towards Good Work & Economic Growth

Here at YLX, we already work closely with labor unions. We vow to continue working with them even more closely to protect labor rights and make sure that all our workers enjoy a safe and secure working environment, and feel invested in the future we are forging together.


We'll Aim To Work Towards Reducing Inequalities

In our hiring practices and in our factory day-to-day, we will continue to ensure equal opportunities and reduce inequalities of all kinds.


We'll Aim To Work Towards Responsible Consumption & Production

Our entire working model is based around the goal or reducing waste and creating a more circular economy. Our bags are made using recycled plastic bottles – which both reduce the need for new synthetics production and help to keep waste plastic out of the environment. At our factory, we will further aim to reduce waste by installing waste selection bins around the facility. We are also looking at the possibility of creating a plastic recycling facility next to the factory.


We'll Aim To Strengthen Partnerships to Achieve These Goals

At the same time as working to improve our own sustainability practices, we will also make sure that our partners and material suppliers are also making tangible and substantial efforts in that regard. We will also strengthen our partnerships without the local community, and tie in with other global organizations who are promoting an agenda of sustainable development.



We will continue to expand our efforts and improve our practices over time, and will make sure that we have the tools in place to measure and monitor our sustainable development and implementation over the coming years. Real and lasting change cannot always happen overnight. But we are taking steps towards a better future, and hope to encourage others to do the same.

These goals are priorities for YLX and we are proud to be moving in the right direction. With your help and support in growing our business, we can continue to make our efforts to create sustainable and ethical systems that will help and not hinder the people and planet.

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