What is sustainability?

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Sustainability is development not being harmful to future generations or the environment and thereby supporting long-term ecological and social well-being balance.

Sustainable development global goals


To address many of the challenges we are facing, such as climate change, environmental degradation, prosperity, inequality, poverty, peace and justice, the United Nations approved The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). They are the blueprint to a better and more sustainable future for us all. Read more about the SDG


We fully own the factory where our bags are produced and carefully screen and select our suppliers and partners. We are not just making bags from plastic and other recycled products- we also offer all our workers in developing countries a chance to get out of poverty, good working conditions and early education on the sustainable efforts our planet requires. Read about our Sustainability Goals

Sustainable development global goals
Sustainable development global goals


The economic reality being what it is, we can’t change the world in one day, and as we know we are not yet perfect, we do the best we can at our level and look forward to being 100% sustainable.
For every development decision we make, we keep in mind The Sustainable Development Goals, and work hard to ensure we can positively impact the life of our workers first, and of all the future generations.

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